Dragonfly Group is focused on the continual improvement of the entire real estate experience. We are reducing the cost of building construction, ownership and operation while improving the quality and performance of the built environment.

Vertically Integrated to Redefine the Housing Value Chain

  • Properties


    Home as a Service

  • Design/Build


    The Hardware of Living

  • Software Infrastructure

    Software Infrastructure

    The Software of Living

  • General Contractor

    General Contractor

    Quality Control of Building

  • Transaction Platform

    Transaction Platform

    Real Estate Marketplace

Our Team

The Dragonfly Group team has expertise in real estate, technology, manufacturing and sustainability, all key areas for delivering a new living experience. Learn more about our team on LinkedIn.

  • Amit Haller

    Amit Haller

    Co-founder & Chairman

    Amit’s deep and unique background blends real estate, technology and entrepreneurship, positioning him perfectly to lead Dragonfly’s efforts to re-define real estate.

  • Ami Avrahami

    Ami Avrahami

    Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

    Ami brings 15 years of experience in consumer-based Web/Mobile platforms and capital allocations. He helps lead the global product development for Dragonfly Group.

  • Dafna Akiva

    Dafna Akiva

    Co-founder & Chief Real Estate Officer

    Dafna oversees Dragonfly Group’s Real Estate Portfolio. Her leadership skills and background have helped shape Dragonfly Group into the company it is today.

  • Scott Graybeal

    Scott Graybeal

    Chief Operations Officer

    Scott brings extensive operations experience from global Fortune 10 companies and startups alike. His background in business strategy and operations will help position Dragonfly Group as an industry leader.

  • Axel Martinez

    Axel Martinez

    Chief Financial Officer

    Axel leads the financial strategies at Dragonfly Group. He has a unique background in Finance, Supply Chain, and Accounting from some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known startups.

  • Jay Klein

    Jay Klein

    Chief Technology Officer

    Jay brings more than 25 years of multidisciplinary know-how in AI, data analytics, networking, wireless & communications. He drives the technology strategy & core intellectual property development at Dragonfly Group.

  • Jason Wolf

    Jason Wolf

    Chief Customer Officer

    Jason has more than 20 years of experience in technology leadership roles and currently oversees Dragonfly Group’s global sales strategies and partnerships.

  • Bella Kapsheev

    Bella Kapsheev

    VP Business Development & Sales

    Bella has 16 years of management experience and is skilled in the art of communication. She oversees Dragonfly Group’s investor relations and implements its global sales strategies.

  • Terence Ty

    Terence Ty

    VP Venture Management & People Operations

    Terence carries 17 years of experience in several global industries making him the ideal leader for product development and emerging markets at Dragonfly Group.

  • Sean Tiernan

    Sean Tiernan

    Financing Director

    Sean analyzes and structures Dragonfly Group transactions, helps determine the best lender(s) for properties and manages all job costing and reporting.

  • Sean Freeberg, Esq.

    Sean Freeberg, Esq.

    Head of Legal

    As a licensed attorney in the State of California, Sean oversees the acquisitions and dispositions of all real estate properties at Dragonfly Group.

Building Our Team

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